Dog massage

Basic massage in Arabia, 60 min

Home visit, Helsinki, 60 min (home visist further away can also be arranged)

Three massages for beginners: 30 min “get to know the place” +  2 x 60 min massage


Seasonal treatments: Summer 2017   

32€ / 37€
Grass-sent: basic massage plus relaxing cold-hot-treatment, using a calming essential oil (for smelling)
32€ / 37€
Lighttriumph: basic massage plus activation of the lymphatic system, using a calming essential oil (for smelling)



I’m studying as a caretaker of animals. Because of that my prices are for now very  affordable. I have the knowledge, just not the formal proof of it.


Basic massage (included in all massages) contains 9-10 parts:

dog massage, basics, prices, Helsinki, Finland, in english, Tassaus– movement analysis of the dog
– owner’s interview and dog’s muscle palpating
– joint mobilisation and fascia treatment
– massage and if nesessary, laser treatment
– stretcing and instructions for home care
– basic nutrional advice (if neened)


There are also some more extra services, that can be arranged beforehand. All prices include VAT 24%.